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Aminé - Turf (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT)

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Aminé performing Turf (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT). 2017

Our LIFT artist Aminé may be a skilled MC, but he’s also an impressive talent when it comes to making videos. A firm believer in the DIY aesthetic, the Portland, Oregon rapper directed his wildly popular clips for “Caroline” and “REDMERCEDES.” He also conceived and scripted his “Becoming” profile for LIFT – a glance back to his high school days. For the Stripped performance of his new track “Turf,” he takes us to the Alhambra section of East LA, choosing the aisles of a neighborhood grocery store as his stage. And talk about clever coordination - that's a banana-yellow mic he’s using.

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Ed Walker

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